A Wee Celerbtiy

Coming back home after the UK launch of Becoming Julie and all the interest from the media, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television, I was finally coming to terms with the possibility that my new found celebrity status might well be over.

Amazingly, in the space of just 2 months I had featured in 8 newspaper-magazines, 2 live BBC television news programs and 2 live radio shows, one in Scotland and one in Ireland.

I really was beginning to think that my wee taste of the limelight or fame may well be over when I got a call from Dublin Pride Time Fm Radio, asking if I’d be interested in doing a live on air interview with them, I jumped at the chance.

The show aired on the 18th January 15, and was a good in-depth interview; there is a link to it here - Julie Clarke on Dublin FM.

As if that wasn’t enough I got an email from Clare at Fledgling Press with the subject title being, “very good news”. I eagerly opened it and it revealed that I had been chosen to be one of the guest authors to appear at the Aye Write Book Festival in Glasgow on 18th April. Clare told me that this was a very big deal, as very few debut authors ever get that chance.

I felt really honoured as I would share the bill that day with famous authors-celebrities, including Allan Bissett - novelist and playwright, Mark Ellen - best known from Radio 1, The Old Gray Whistle Test and his contributions to Live Aid, Alex Norton - an established Scottish actor staring in Gregories Girl, Local Hero, Brave Heart and of course playing Glasgow detective Taggart, and much more, also well-known comedienne and TV and radio personality Helen Lederer, who’s published her debut novel, and many more too numerous to mention.

Immediately prior to the Aye Write though we got a call from BBC Radio Scotland saying they would like to have me on the Kaye Adams show, yes Kaye Adams formally the presenter of Loose Woman. Wow! I’d hit the big time. That show was aired on 17th April and I was on air for a full half hour, absolutely amazing.

  • Best reads at the Aye Write Book Festival

    Best reads at the Aye Write Book Festival.

There was yet more to come as one week later on 24th April I appeared on STV televisions live chat show the Riverside Show to talk about my life and my book Becoming Julie. Although I’d done two television news programs and live radio, this was different as it was live TV, there was no editing or second takes, I had to not only to sound good but look good too, and get it right first time which thankfully I did.

It goes on, as Dublin South FM who had had me on their book review show The Word For Word Show on 29th November 2014 aired a re-run of my interview with them on the 2nd May 15, which was great. My most recent radio interview was on Xpress Radio Scotland on 19th May which was another in-depth interview-feature about Becoming Julie.

I could never have imagined in a million years that writing my life story and then getting it published would have taken mo to where I am now, but if I’m a wee celebrity for however long that lasts, I’ll take that on happily and anymore that comes my way. I’ve been put down and victimized for most of my life. Now at least some want to know me in a positive way, and that is something I am embracing with both hands, and why not?

Next time I’ll talk about my book signing, meet the author events I’ve been doing, as well as those planned.

See you next time,

  • Julie Clarke on the sofa at the Riverside Show on STV

    Julie on the sofa at The Riverside Show on STV with presenters David Farrell and Jenifer Roach along with Becoming Julie