Book Update: Becoming Julie

Monday 17 March 2014

Writing my first book has been a really good experience, however it has also been very hard work. Like many things, you don’t realize what's involved until you've done it; this was certainly the case for me in my endeavour to recount my life story, by putting pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard.

It was a long process of writing, editing and then submitting to agents and publishers. The whole process took just over two and a half years, to the point where Fledgling Press offered me a publishing contract. Then it was another round of editing and perfecting the manuscript to get to the point where Fledgling's proofreaders would go through it again in great detail.

However, this triggered another editing session with me and Clare from Fledgling, as the proofreaders had turned up issues which had to be addressed. Once that had been done it was back to the proofreaders one final time, to make absolutely sure that the manuscript was finally ready for publication.

That’s not simply the end of it! I've now moved to the next and very exciting stage, of working with Fledgling’'s graphics department to design the front and back covers of the book. I've also written my acknowledgment and dedications pages, and we're collating a portfolio of photos for possible use in the book.

Another very important part of the process, which is slowly gathering pace, is the marketing and promotional stage. The intention is to create as much interest as possible, from both the literary world and in the media.

The Oban Times has already done a piece on my story, and I have recently been interviewed by the Daily Mail, who are going to do a feature on my story and book. Their features editor has read the entire book and has given it the thumbs up, saying it's

an engrossing and intriguing read which she believes will do very well. This is something that we hope will continue right up to the book launch in October, with even radio and television appearances a possibility.

    • Julie Clarke featuring in the Oban Times
    • Oban Times article, January 2014

We are also using Twitter to spread the word round social media, through our many followers and of course, my own author’s website. Click to follow me on twitter.

From the literary world we hope to have the book reviewed in due course. Possibly the strongest endorsement so far, that my book is credible and powerful, has come from a world-class British author, who has also read Becoming Julie and has given a powerful and sincere quote which we will use on the cover.

In my next blog I'll tell you a wee bit more about my life here on the Isle of Coll, here in the Hebrideas.

Speak soon,