Promoting and Marketing becoming julie

When I started writing becoming Julie I couldn’t have imagined where it might take me. When I was offered a publishing contract by Fledgling Press, I still had little concept about how the whole process would work, however it was a steep learning curve with many surprises along the way.

The last thing on my mind was how would we advertise the book, how is it marketed, and how do we get it noticed by the reading public?

This has to be collaboration between any author and their publisher; you can’t just sit back and expect them to do everything for you, yes, publishers have their contacts in the literary world and the media, and will do everything they can to promote your book. After all they are publishing your book at their expense, so it is crucial that the book sells enough to make a profit for them, but the author also has to get out there and do their level best to promote and create an interest in their work by any means at their disposal.

Believe it or not, when I was submitting my manuscript to publishers the last thing on my mind was how many copies my book might sell - it just wasn’t something that entered my mind.

The first time I gave any thought to possible book sales as such, was the day I signed the publishing contract with Clare from Fledgling Press. It was at that meeting that I got a sense of real interest in my story, as Clare said she thought it may well turn out to be one of Fledglings bestselling books to date.

That moment changed everything for me, as I thought, fuck, what if this thing sells a few thousand copies? I didn’t leave it there though and began to think, if I can get this thing right, maybe we can do better than just a few thousand sales.

From that moment, I decided I had to go for this, as I was only going to get one chance with this book, and thought, the sky’s the limit, and why not?

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    A quiet moment at Coll Ferry Terminal Office

The first thing was Fledglings' web designer Graeme created my authors website, where along with all my book info I can air these blogs

I’m also on Twitter and my followers are building, all be it slowly, but some weeks I’m getting up to 1700 views.

I’ve also featured in the Oban Times and have recently done a big interview and photos shoot with the Daily Mail, which will be published before the book launch. When the Daily Mail's photographer came to do the photos it was a bitterly cold day with a strong easterly wind, not good conditions, not least because my hair was blowing wildly in the gusts! It's not usually a problem, but when you’re being photographed for a national newspaper, then it is very much a problem! Although the weather played havoc it turned out well and some good pics were taken from shots on the beach, in the sea side village and in my own home as well as me playing the drums.

I also gave an hour long interview with the Daily Mail's features editor who had read the book prior to the interview, and she gave it an excellent review, saying she thought the book would do very well. She also agreed to give us a quote from the Daily Mail for the cover of the book, which is really great. Plus we’ve already received a great quote from a famous world class author who has read becoming julie and has given it a top review, which will be on the front cover of the book.

Next time I'll be talking some more about my lovely trips to London.

Speak soon!

  • Professional musician Julie Clarke on stage

    Professional musician Julie Clarke on stage