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Wednesday 29th January 2014

This is my first attempt at a blog post in this my new authors website, so please bear with me. I have just put the finishing touches to my book entitled Becoming Julie in the form of last minute editing with my publisher Fledgling Press of Edinburgh. Once this has been tidied up by Clare from Fledgling, it will be going to the proof readers for scrutiny and any flaws amended-corrected. As this is my first book I wasn’t sure what to expect from the publisher, so I was a wee bit apprehensive. Fledgling Press were one of two publishers who offered to publish my book, the other being, Olympia Publishing in London. However I chose Fledgling Press, mainly because they specialise, although not exclusively, in debut authors. Their aim is to make new authors available to the public quickly and effectively, also they said they could offer me a more personal working relationship than a larger publisher, this as well as the fact that they are Edinburgh based, making it much easier for me to attend meetings with them clinched it for me, given my own quite isolated location, as I live on the Isle of Coll in the Hebrides.

Although Fledgling Press are based in Edinburgh, their graphic designer-web designer, Graeme, is based in London, and I was able to meet with him on my resent holiday/break while there. We had a really constructive meeting where we discussed at length, ideas for the book cover designs as well as ideas for this website. The team at Fledgling Press already had some ideas for the book cover and it was a good chance to discuss this with Graeme, where he asked me for my own thoughts on the cover design. A couple of weeks later I was sent the initial draft designs, which I must say I am very happy with indeed.

    • Buskers on Camden Hight Street
    • I Can't Walk Past Live Music Young Camden Buskers

    • Camden Hight Street
    • I Just Love The Vibe On Camden High Street

Living on the Isle of Coll means that I don’t get to do much in the way of going out much, so my regular breaks in London really do it for me. Having spent many years in the music business playing drums in a wide variety of different types of bands, I really miss the live music seen, so going to London gives me the opportunity to get my fix of that, and I go to many live venues when I’m there. Two of my favourite venues are the Monarch Bar and the Blue’s Kitchen, both in Camden, where you can hear good, raw no gimmick live bands most nights. I also go to more central London big pub venues too. I also like Ronny Scott’s Jazz Club, but it can be a wee bit expensive, so I usually just go there the once every trip.

I also love West end musicals, usually more modern type shows with more pop rock-country music, although I went to ‘Les Miserables’ with my friends recently, which was amazing, but usually I go to things like Mama Mia, Dirty Dancing, Thriller, Let it Be, and I saw the Commitments this time too, but my favourite is Rock of Ages, and there’s many more I love. It doesn’t matter too much what it is, because as a musician myself, I appreciate anything live, whether that be live music or a stage show, as long as it’s live.

I’ll write more about my London experience in my next blog, also I’ll tell you about my Island home and my work here on the Isle of Coll.