the big smoke

Sunday 9th February 2014

Being back on the Island after my recent trip to London has really brought it back to me what a remote, but beautiful part of the world I live in. However, as the call of Coll has been loud for many years, my forays to London especially, I have found particularly fulfilling and as I said in my last blog, I really miss the live music seen, and in particular performing myself.

However I’m right back into that now and have made contacts with other musicians while in London. So I now spent a lot of time rehearsing on my drums and other percussion instruments, and have recently been offered to join a band, which I have accepted.

    • A Busy And Very Wet Day At Work
    • A Busy And Very Wet Day At Work

Although while in London last time I had a meeting with Graeme, the designer who will design my book cover it wasn’t all work. Apart from cruising music venues, I did have time to chill.

That’s where coffee shops and wine bars come in, there are of course hundreds of each to choose from, but if you look you will always find wee gems. As I’ve said in my book I’ve been to many cities all over Europe. However, I have not come across a coffee shop that comes anywhere close to ‘Tower47’ in Camden.

It’s a mix of coffee, art and music shop all rolled in to one, with a friendly and charming ambiance, which is hard to beat in my view. The other place which I only discovered on my last trip was ‘Gordons Wine Bar’ on Villiers Street next to Charing Cross Station. It’s one of the most unique bars I’ve ever been to. It’s like going back 100 years. It’s a dark and dingy cellar with only candle light in arched caverns of stone.

I got talking to a Frenchman in there one night, who lives in London, he had travelled the wold, but said he had never seen anything like it in all his travels, as far as I’m concerned it’s one the most wonderful bars I’ve ever frequented, and I can’t wait to go back for a nice glass of Shiraz, and soak up it’s unique atmosphere. The Frenchman also asked me, what is an attractive woman like you doing on her own anyway? I said there wasn’t enough time in one evening to explain, and that’s where we left it.

    • Gordons Wine Bar - London
    • Gordons Wine Bar, London