a little about me

Tuesday 4th February 2014

I’d like to tell you a wee bit about where I live and my work here.

I moved to the Isle of Coll in 1995, which is off the west coast of Scotland. It takes just under three hours to get here by ferry from Oban, which is our mainland port. Coll’s population is around 260, but when I came here to live in 1995 it was around 210, so it is growing steadily, and with an increasing pace to this day.

I live in the house I had built on the Island, with my little cat Lotti. The house overlooks the village bay and the open sea beyond, as it is in a well elevated position it has stunning views of the sea and surrounding Islands. I have a big garden which is mostly lawn and small newly planted trees and hedges, I also have a raised bed where I grow vegetables, which I fertilize with seaweed collected from the seashore in winter.

    • My Best Friend and Companion, Lotti
    • My Best Friend and Companion Lotti

Only about a week after I moved here permanently, I was offered a job at Coll ferry terminal on a part time bases, and I have been there ever since, and it is my fulltime job today. It is a job I love very much and I am passionate about what I do, as I am about my employers Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac) My main duties are collecting tickets and checking in vehicles and passengers for the arrival of the ferries, there’s also an increasing amount of admin to be done although I am not heavily involved in that most of the time. Another part of the job is upkeep and maintenance of the equipment at the terminal, such as the linkspan, which is the huge ramp which cars and lorries use to board and disembark the ferry. However the most exciting part of my job is helping dock the ferries and other ships which call at the Island.

This involves me catching small ropes called heaving lines, which are thrown to me by the ship’s deck crews. These in turn are connected to the much heavier mooring ropes which I hook over the mooring bollards to secure the ship to the berth. It’s one of those jobs that not too many people get to do, and it is absolutely awesome. I’m only one of a handful of woman who do this work, and that is something I am very proud of.

    • Traffic Congestion on Arinagour Main Street Isle of Coll
    • Traffic Congestion on Arinagour Main Street Isle of Coll