Life on Coll

Tuesday 01 April 2014

Like anywhere living on Coll has its good and bad points, and some of the above-mentioned are a brief snapshot of some of the downside. You have to be resilient living here though, and if you're not prepared to give and take quite a bit, well, Island life may not be for you.

I have seen many people come and many people go over the years. Some arrive with great intentions, only to find that they are unable to live without the mainland "advantages". Some others who feel this way, but decide to stay any way, try to change things to more suit their own previous lifestyle, by trying to make the Island more like the mainland, and campaign for more services and so forth.

In essence they want to bring the rat race, which they were trying to escape in the first place, to the Island with them.

But don’t get me started on that one. Well, that’s me had my wee rant about that.

    • The Firestation here on the Isle of Coll
    • The Firestation here on the Isle of Coll

Thankfully for many of us the advantages of living on the Island outweigh the disadvantages.

You don't really have to worry too much about locking your house door, and you can leave your car keys in your car ignition, and even if someone did take your car there is nowhere to go anyway. There is no crime here, which is astonishing in a place without a police officer - we just don't need, or want one, and we look after ourselves very well thank you!

Even if someone a wee bit dodgy does arrive on the Island they stick out like a sore thumb, as everybody notices them and wants to know who they are, so they couldn't get away with anything anyway.

Call us nosey if you like, but that's the way it is, and it works. However the policeman does come over from Tiree occasionally just to do routine stuff and show face.

Another great advantage is the tranquillity; there are no crowds, no traffic and a much slower pace of life. You don't see anyone walking along the street or sitting in the pub or café engrossed on his or her mobile phone because, as of yet, there is no mobile signal; although we do have the Internet at home.

We are very well looked after though by the NHS and have a lovely health centre with a Doctor, two nurses and an ambulance. Plus if you need to get to hospital in an emergency the air ambulance helicopter will come from the mainland and fly you to hospital, in either Oban or Glasgow.

There is also a nice new modern fire station, which is manned and wo-manned by a mixture of volunteer and retained fire fighters, who keep us safe in our beds at night. As you would expect being surrounded by the sae there is also a coastguard station which is manned by a volunteer crew who are always ready to assist in emergencies along the coastline or at sea.

Next time I'll continue my "London Odyssey" and talk a bit more about my book and my future aspirations as an author.

Speak soon!

    • H.M Coastguard Station on the Isle of Coll<
    • H.M Coastguard Station on the Isle of Coll